The first brochure of Communist Party of Nepal
Civil Freedom is Necessary for all Classes; So, form Revolutionary
Civic Freedom Committee!

In one hand, our hundreds of brothers for raising their slogans as we will take civil-rights at one hand are confining in Ranas jail, whereas the long awaited Constitution did the Ranas government proclaim at the initiation of 2006. Laws and act with rules and regulations in civic rights were issued. This proclamation is direct insulation to our brave martyrs memoirs, who had very delightedly executed for anticipation that their brothers and sisters will get freedoms of writing, speech, studying organizing meeting and association. In the same way, this proclamation is a defiance and challenge for we men and women, who are considering tolerance of several tortures, exile as excellent rather than kneeling before Ranarchy. Therefore, we every Nepalese man and women breaching this proclamation must promise to end Rana Rule without any kot massacre but with a revolutionary way.What is Ranas proclamation, whether it is fruitful or fruitless can be clear from itself. It is said in proclamation without the order of Rana regime, any type of meeting association and demonstration rights has given to Nepales people. The servants of the Rana-regime can interfere at any time, whether that conference has been recently started or half of it finished,

Without the consent of Rana-regime, the proclamation has denied to open any club, trade union, peasants- union or any type of organization. Therefore, the real meaning of proclamation is the Rana-supporters acceptance all wrong-deeds and keeping curtain have attained rights of standing against people, organizing and opening matters.

However, the proclamation has not offered the right of social-service; from this the Rana-regimes anti-social activities are apparent. To open the dispensary shops, organizations and associations, various conditions have been imposed by this proclamation. The Ranarchys eagle-eyes neither are nor shaded from these. Such their civic-freedoms are any parts of the world.

Whereas Ranas are allowed freedoms to meet their owners and Lord Anglo- American Imperialists any time and turn. To exploit Nepalese jointly, the Indian billionaires TATA, BIDAL, SINGANIYA, GAYAINGA, CHAMARIYA can be met Ranas voluntarily. Through the bloodsuckers of millions of Indian-people, these billionaires pouch to be protected to send our uneducated but brave brothers to Indian, Rana can meet Nehru .

However, we the children of Nepal dont have any right assembly for ending, path of this growing exploitation and ending hunger, unemployment, black marketing, slavery etc. we have not got any right to stand against Ranarchys wrong-deeds, to speak and to organize, according to which, without Nepalese peoples permission to seedless Nepal at world war by American Imperialists hands and Nehru-created Neo- Imperialists hands against Soviet Union, Neo- democracies. Independent china and entire Asias Independence movement, Nepal has been sold for a military-centre.

Why Rana-regime has actually-stricken from freedom?

Because, Ranas perfectly know this as a result of second world war, the socialist governments respect, prestige and circles are increasing and Nepal will not be isolative from this world. This new world (socialist world)s wind is waving in Nepal very insensitively, that Ranas perfectly know. We have participated democratic struggle for democratic rights and in this verse we have opened out Rana-regimes this trust policy.

Because, if we got right of speech Rana-regimes persona and merciless exploitation, in which the landlords, merchants and capitalist have also the shares, we will raise our boastful words that Rana-regime perfectly know if you got speech-freedom, then we appose for making our Nepalese brothers at gunpoint by the Imperialists in Malaya, Hindustan, Pakistan and South-east Asian countries .

Because Ranas understand this fact well that if we got freedom or organization, we would organize workers, Peasants, students & Nepals all Democratic Men & Women. The feudal & imperialist looters extracting Nepals wealth &we will shut down. Through organizing Nepalese labor classes we will be the owners of our peoples Wealth & we will keep battalions of our dearest motherland. But none the less to the feudal imperialist looters. These all facts are Picturized in Ranas brain; Therefore it rounds the head, the heart Beats.

        If the civic-freedoms name frightens our enemys heart or stops heart

Beats, then revolutionary Nepal must have to blow war sounds:

-  To workers or laborers for growing  bread & raising salary & for dearness allowance must fight . Therefore, he wants civic-freedoms.

-  To the peasants for the removal of hunger: to raise prices of crops, to increase much(for getting reasonable portion in earning of lands)  & for the rights of land must fight .So ,the peasants want civic freedom.

-  Student without fees or in minimal fees to get high- level education must struggle. Therefore he wants civil- freedoms.

-  To women must fight against their duel slavery. Therefore, women want civic-freedoms. Hence all people united must fight glaringly for civic-freedoms.

                  While fighting this war, the trust betrayals move with socialists leadership & all other have to adopt continuous war-policy, through giving up congress-leaders compromise with Ranas. This socialist reins(Indian socialist pacemaker ) of congress leaders are not only trust worthies &agents of Ranas only ,but they are of Tata, Bidla & Nehrus too. These socialist congress leaders want to make Nepal recruiting body of Nehru-governments army, which are murdering people in India which Nehrus government has given privileges to Englishmen to take Nepalese brothers at Malaya.
          Because they are in the midst of getting blessing through pleasing lord Nehru. Hence, they accepting Nehru-governments Nadir shahipolicy against the fight of labor-classes fore fighters as railway-workers team & proved themselves as opponent of world-class laborers. Those who doesnt take favor of other countrymen & goes against they cannot take side of their own countrymen & they will be going against. Their warning of Satyagraha is only the policy of their compromise with Ranas. Showing peoples increasing unrest & conflict, they are in pressuring policy with Ranas for harmony.
              Till today they have with their works bowed down their heads in front of Rana-regime &have not shown any path besides pressuring for harmonious-compromise. So, Nepalese people exposing out the harmony with Rana policy & should move ahead. These are not in a mood to raise hands with people but in a chance to lick Ranas kick.
                   Nepalese peoples fight of civic freedom is revolutionary fight. Therefore this fight should not be limited in non violence make revolutionary committee of civic-freedom in every tole, every village, every district, every school & college, every factory. Openly boycott Rana-regimes anti-policy. Issues your own act and laws. Capture in several places. Demonstrate meeting and Conferences. By these committees, raise the demands of labors, peasants and other labor-lived. The civic-freedom revolutionary committees have to understand underground working method, the tricks of stoppage police actions and those revolutionary peoples demands, to which socialist reins and other congress leader are throwing dusts into eyes, the unification measures in war against enemies etc. All the organizations of Nepal should be made participated under rebolutionary red-flag. Actually, the capacity of uniting all democratic forces should be in revolutionary committees, who tend with immobile speed towards socialist and communist revolution through destructing Ranarchy.

Rana-regime is not so strong, as it id seen strong in illusion. It does not have power to suppress people. Therefore, to suppress people, Rana-regime is enforced through Anglo-American Imperialists and Nehru-government, who are stirring due to the spontaneously grown revolutionary tides. Thus in one hand reactionaries are in for the sake of stopping every countrys revolution. In other hand, whole world democratic forces are moving toward in Soviet Unions leadership defying reactionaries. They are breaking all the misaction and misguide lines. Millions to billions of Us Dollar (American Currency) of American looters through Chiang-Kai-Sek could nit control Chinese people within their fists. Chinese people were victorious into the leadership of Communist Party. The revolutionary people if china are becoming victorious. This revolution is in our threshold. In Burma, Malaya, China, Indonesia and Indias heart Telangana, the flame of revolution has been raised. The rule is of revolutionary people. Acts and laws are applied; these revolutionary people are moving ahead in communist partys leadership through stepping the peace and joining hands. Leaving other things, atom bomb can not also stop revolutionary people.

Nepals sons and daughter!

You are also landing at that war field. You have also shown your hidden courage and bravery in the war against enemies. The gunpoint targeted at your chest by Rana-regime has to be attended for returning back to their countenance. Bending Ranas proclamation by feet roar one voice of revolution.
-  Total civic freedom . Zindabad

-  Writing, speaking, stvelying and organizing meeting and association rights. Zindabad

-  Any Nepalese brother will not be let become servant of imperialist- fight, whether in Malaya or Hindustan, Brave Nepali brother, target with your hands gun at imperialist-looters, chest, hug with every poor brother laborer and peasants

-  Soviet Union, Neo-democratizes, Independent China, world labor-class movement and our unity with worlds communist movement .. Zindabad

-  The Revolutionary committees for civic-freedom. Zindabad!