नेकपा माले बारे

CPN(M-L) on the Rise

Communist Party of Nepal (M-L) is a revolutionary political party, which operates under the organizational principle of democratic centralism. It implements the system of collective leadership and individual responsibility. This party takes criticism and self-criticism as a continuous process of correcting mistakes within the party ranks and revitalizing the party.  

This party has been gradually increasing its role in the national politics since the third National Conference organized in 1-3 May, 2003. Because there have been repeated splits in the communist movement of Nepal for various reasons since 1960s, it is accepted that one objective of the Communist party of Nepal (M-L) is to play a modest role in fulfilling the responsibility of unifying the divided Communist movement in a principled way, in the course of working together with all the Communist Party groups active in the Country.

  The Communist party of Nepal (M-L) carries forward the revolutionary traditions of the Communist Party of Nepal established 60 years ago. It considers Comrade Pushpa Lal Shrestha as the pivot of its ideological leadership, who guided the Communists of Nepal to work together with the native progressive democratic forces to accomplish the democratic revolution of the country. It is the successor of the glorious history of the Communist Party of Nepal. It is now engaged in the painstaking task of creating a nationwide organizational network among the workers, peasants, Dalits and the other toiling masses as well as all the democratic classes and patriotic strata of Nepalese people along with mobilizing them to achieve progressive changes of the society at present.
To insure a qualified collective leadership, a system of National Conference, Central Committee and the Central Council is active at the central level while zonal bureaus in eastern, mid-northern, mid-southern, western and far-western regions of the country provide leadership in the party work in all 75 districts of the country. There is a bureau to look after the party-work abroad. Similarly, at the central level, departments have been formed to look after the affairs of party organization, mass organizations, party education, publicity work, fund-raising and management, ethnic and cultural issues and state affairs, in order to make the party capable of handling all social, political and organizational problems effectively.

Under the leadership of the party, Federation of Nepalese Progressive Trade unions (FENEPT), All Nepal Progressive Peasants Association, All Nepal Progressive Womens Association, All Nepal National Free Students Union (fifth), Progressive Youth Organization Nepal, Intellectual and Professional Organization, Democratic Literature and Art Forum, Progressive Culture Group, Central Liaison Forum, Nepal Progressive Teachers Association and Progressive lawyers Association have been set up with a view to push ahead the democratic revolution by mobilizing the masses of various classes, strata and professions.
The membership of the Communist Party of Nepal (M-L) has reached 5,000 and it has spread its work among the Nepalese people living abroad, too. The party bagged 8 seats in the Constituent Assembly elections of April 2008, through the proportionate representation system. The Central Committee elected by the fifth National conference(17-20 May 2009, Kathmandu) has been leading the party since then. It is on the way to fulfil the important responsibility of holding the Seventh National Congress of the Party in due course of time.